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Ramona Matei

Ramona Matei Art Gallery

BS, Italy


Welcome to my art page, welcome to my world.

I love color, I love to paint. In all my original paintings you will be driven to a multicolored universe where I hope you will let your imagination run wild. Colors, happiness, serenity, beauty, shapes, ideas, dreams, sensations, life. I find inspiration mainly in my past, in everyday life, in my expectations, in my dreams. In my paintings I like to express the bright side of life.

I am very fond of my photo camera also. My photography reflects mainly what I see as the beauty of life. Simple things, day by day life, travel scenes and wonderful nature creations.

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The Watermark of Fine Art America that now appears on each of my work will not show on any finished print.

Copyright Notice: All my artworks in my gallery are copyright protected with all rights reserved ©Ramona Matei (2011-2018). Copying, reproducing, manipulating, using and/or distributing my images without my written permission is strictly prohibited.

Thank you for your visit, hope you enjoyed it.


Snowy Street Lamp by Ramona Matei


Middle sea sunrise by Ramona Matei


Green by Ramona Matei


Brussels Urban Blue by Ramona Matei


Romanian hills by Ramona Matei


Sunrise by Ramona Matei


Stone path by Ramona Matei


Gentle pink by Ramona Matei


Phylum by Ramona Matei


Sailing by Ramona Matei


Amazing blue by Ramona Matei


Green arch by Ramona Matei


Tranquility by Ramona Matei


Together by Ramona Matei


White mountains by Ramona Matei


Water shadows by Ramona Matei


Infinity by foot by Ramona Matei


Stairs by Ramona Matei


Blue shadow by Ramona Matei


Rest by Ramona Matei